Streetscape designs updated for First, Illinois Streets

With the basement level of Building #1 now completed, attention has shifted to planning for the pedestrian areas around the buildings in the Phase 3 site.

Back in 2008, the City approved a streetscape plan that covered the entire First Street project area. Following this plan, brick pavers, landscape beds, street lights and benches were installed along First Street where new buildings were constructed.

When the new site layout for Phase 3 was approved in 2015, the City determined it was necessary to revisit the 2008 streetscape design for the portions of First Street and Illinois Street that abut the property.

A Preliminary Plan has been prepared. Key features of the plan:

  • Use of the same materials (paver bricks, street lights, benches, etc.)
  • Wider pedestrian pathways along the buildings
  • Fewer landscape beds and trees to open up views of the building doors and storefronts
  • More open spaces for businesses to utilize for outdoor displays or seating

The draft Preliminary Plan can be viewed on the Project Documents page.

The streetscape improvements will be installed along Building #1 and the Parking Deck as the buildings are completed in 2016.

Plans for the other public spaces within the Phase 3 site, including the East Plaza opposite First Street from the existing West Plaza, and the bi-level Riverwalk, will be prepared later as Building #2 and #3 are completed.