Downtown grows as buildings rise on First Street

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With the structure mostly in place, Building #1 now forms a part of the downtown St. Charles landscape. When complete, the First Street project will extend the character of buildings along Main Street to the south along First Street. As the exterior of Building #1 is constructed, the building will take on many of the traditional architectural elements found in the downtown, including open pedestrian storefronts and stone and brick facades with  decorative detail elements, including columns/pilasters, a cornice and corner tower.

The arrival of milder weather has allowed construction to renew in earnest at the site. Areas around the foundation of Building #1 have been back filled, and construction now focuses on enclosing the building shell. Wall framing has started to fill in openings in the steel structure. Work will soon continue on excavating for the public parking deck, which will be directly adjacent to the east of Building #1.