Cranes hoist steel into place for Building #3

Work is underway on Building #3, which is located between the parking deck and riverwalk, adjacent to Illinois Street.

The City approved plans for Building #3 last summer. The building will be 5 stories, with private parking in the basement level. The street level of the building will contain commercial uses, with the Sterling Bank fronting on Illinois Street. The upper floors of the building will contain both office space  (at the south end) and residential condominiums.

Initial excavation and foundation work on Building #3 began last fall. Work stopped over the winter but is now again underway.  The temporary parking lot near the First Street Plaza was closed recently to make way for the deliveries of steel and precast concrete panels that will form the structure of the building. Over the next few weeks, delivery vehicles will be arriving with steel beams that will be hoisted in place by a large crane.